1986 Boston Whaler Outrage 184

RUB  851 429
Charleston, SC
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Charleston, SC
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Classic 1986 Boston Whaler Outrage 18

The Outrage 18 (1981-1990) is a true classic among the many models of Boston Whaler boats. Although only one foot longer than the 17-Montauk, the Outrage 18 is much larger and offers much greater range.

- Re-powered Yamaha 150hp 2-stroke
- FUSION Stereo & Speakers
- Custom Aluminum Trailer w/ new tires, LED light package, guide posts, & more.....
- Rear bench seat option which seats 3-4 people.
- Teak In GREAT Shape
- Bottom Paint!!

This 1986 Boston Whaler 18 Outrage w/ 150 H.P. Yamaha, Bimini Top & Storage Boot, dock lines, fenders, life jackets, etc.

The hull of the Outrage 18 is a modified vee-hull shape that evolved from the original twin sponson designs of the earlier hulls. This vee-hull form evolved over the years, benefiting from several earlier iterations whose seakeeping was not as successful. The evolution proceeded along these lines: As the length and beam of the hull increased, the enormous lateral stability of the twin sponson design of the 13-foot hull was no longer a necessity; thus the central hull grew into a moderate vee-hull design, while the twin sponsons shrunk, becoming only vestigial runners. The hull shape retained the refined bow lines with the classic "smirk" (formed by carrying the line of the runners up and across the bow). The resulting Outrage 18 hull was able to provide excellent lateral stability, but offered much improved ride in waves and chop compared with the 17-foot hull. The Outrage 18 was designed for operating in big waves and big water, to be able to go offshore and fish in the ocean.

For a boat to be successful for offshore fishing, it must be wide and stable enough to provide a platform that resists rolling uncomfortably while drifting or trolling, yet be capable of travelling at planning speeds through moderate waves without a harsh ride. The Outrage 18 met these requirements perfectly. Also, its hull form proved to be extremely stable in a following sea, a situation frequently encountered when running back to the harbor from ocean fishing. And a final plus, the hull was still relatively lightweight and easily planed, so good performance could be obtained without excessive horsepower on the transom.

The cockpit of the Outrage 18 is also slightly different from the smaller boats. There is more freeboard in the hull and thus there is a deeper cockpit. The older, low profile "sled" hull design did not provide enough freeboard to keep large waves out of the cockpit, so the gunwales on the Outrage 18 are noticeably higher than those of the Montauk 17. This, again, reflects the offshore fishing heritage of the Outrage 18. The transom is provided with a large well (with drains) and the transom height kept low, so that water can drain quickly out the back should the boat be swamped. The design provides sufficient reserve buoyancy that even in a swamped boat the outboard motor powerhead will be above water, allowing the engine to run and to help in draining water from the cockpit.

The inner liner (or "turtle") of the Outrage 18 is quite different from the smaller boats. Generally, the smaller boats have interiors that are one continuous molded floor, with a small sump in the stern and a locker in the bow molded into them. The Outrage interior has several cavities molded into it which are then sealed by either molded covers that are mechanically fastened and caulked in place, or by hinged wooden (later molded) access covers. The fuel system, control wiring, hull drains, and sump pumps are all located in these hidden cavities.

The cockpit featured the standard Whaler center console and offered a choice of seating arrangements, principally either the standard twin swivel seats, optional teak Reversible Pilot Seat, or optional leaning post. A full-width upholstered bench seat could be ordered to provide more seating in the stern. A cooler seat and bow cushions could augment seating forward of the console.

Fuel System
The Outrage 18 was one of the smallest boat to offer an integral fuel system. (Later, integral fuel tanks were added to even smaller boats, such as the Outrage 17 and Dauntless 16 models.) Most smaller Whalers carry their fuel in on-deck fuel tanks, but the Outrage 18 featured an integral aluminum tank, built into a hull cavity. This large fuel capacity (63-gallons) gave the Outrage 18 the ability to make long trips without refueling. In comparison, the Montauk 17 would typically carry only 12-24 gallons of fuel, about a third of the Outrage's tankage. Carrying the fuel in a below deck, built-in tank gave the Outrage 18 a definite "big boat" feel; this was not just a little outboard runabout! The fuel system also provided tank vents, a fuel tank access with cap for filling located on the gunwale, fuel lines to the engine compartment, a fuel filter, and a fuel tank level gauge. This integral fuel system was a vast change from the smaller, open cockpit boats in the Whaler line.

The aluminum tank was mounted on rubber cushions and retained by stainless steel straps. The tank was then foamed in place to prevent movement. In typical Whaler fashion, a unique arrangement of a clear access hole cover and a mechanical fuel gauge provided a very nice tank level indictor without using electrical gauges. The fuel tank was contained in a central hull cavity which was covered by a laminated/wood-reinforced deck that could be removed if necessary.




Please contact Captain Hamilton Foster at (843) 779-2248

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