2017 Delphia Escape 1050

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Delphia Escape 1050 - A slow-life cruiser for inland waterways and the open sea

The Delphia Escape 1050 is a motor yacht dedicated to slow-life cruising and represents a new category of boats combining the advantages of a cabin cruiser with more typical motor boats.

The construction and design has created a style attractive to those more interested in spending time with nature than on sports activities.

The Escape 1050 is Delphia's concept for a boat to feature outstanding nautical properties yet able to boast low costs of ownership, low fuel consumption and price for a boat of this class. The result is a vessel of great manoeuvrabilityand shallow draft.

The rudder augmented bybow thrusters allows 360-degree on-the-spot turning and make it easy to berth in any conditions.

To ensure unrestricted visibility for navigation of tight waterways or to make precise manoeuvres, the Delphia Escape 1050 can be equipped with an additional helm wheel at the bow.

This craft is designed to meet the needs of children and the elderly with a system of railings plus safe and convenient access to the bow and sun deck.

The boat is designed to allow the addition of further equipment and accessories, both inside and out, depending on the owner's requirements.

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