2018 Naval Yachts GreeNaval 60 Hybrid Yacht

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About GreeNaval:

The concept behind the GreeNaval series is maximizing the comfort and efficiency while keeping it's eco-friendly abilities. GreeNaval' s differentiation on the electrical yacht market is given by it's vast and modern furnished interiors available at a reasonable price. 

Sustaining both functionality and innovation, GreeNaval's main advantage is based on the material used for building the yacht, aluminum. Properly constructed, aluminum is the world's premium yacht building material combining light weight, high strength , easy workability and acceptable cost in one package.

GreeNaval offers 4 different options regarding the propulsion system, depending on the customer’s needs and requirements.

a) Full green option

b) Electric motor 

c) Hybrid system

d) Diesel engine

The electric propulsion systems offer a clean, green and quiet alternative to the classical motor-yachts.

Sleek and assertively proportioned exterior, inviting and brightly lit interior, innovative system and modern features make GreeNaval the best hybrid motor-yacht on the market.

Base Price: 860.000 €


Bimini tent:                                                             5.500 €

Generator Difference (17kVa-22kVa)    :            12.000 €

Engine Difference (290HPx2-400HPx2) :           85.000 € (16 knot)

Solar Panel Above Tent :                                     14.000 €

Hydraulic Pasarella (Opacmare) :                       15.000 €

Frontal Window Heating :                                      1.500 €

Air Condition :                                                      12.000 €

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